At Maui aviators each of our customers receive personalized training and superior service.  Since we are not a large "pilot factory" operation, we can teach each student as an individual with patience and care.  A very high standard of safety is maintained throughout all stages of training as we help you reach a level of knowledge and skill far above the minimum standards required by regulations.  You will have access to some of Hawaii's finest flight instructors and great trade winds for those cross wind landings

PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE 61.103 Eligibility requirements

To qualify for the private pilot certificate, federal regulations require the following:

  • Minimum age of 17 years

  • Ground instruction covering specific aeronautical subjects

  • Pass FAA knowledge test (minimum grade 70%)

  • Pass a third-class pilot medical examination before solo flight

  • Log at least 40 hours total flight time, including:

    • At least 20 hours instruction (3 hours cross-country, 3 hours night, 3 hours instrument, and 3 hours test preparation)

    • At least 10 hours solo (including at least 5 hours cross-country)

The national average for completion of the private pilot course is 80 hours of total time.  With good attendance and aptitude Maui Aviators students complete the private course in about 55-65 hours, over a period of 6 to 12 months.  The time and cost for each student will vary greatly with attendance and ability.  


What will my Private Pilot license cost?

Though some flight schools claim that you can become a private pilot in as few as 4 weeks and with an investment of as little as $7,000.00, they aren't giving you the whole picture.  Their numbers are based on FAA regulations governing absolute minimum experience.  Realistically, students take longer than these minimums to acquire their private licenses.  Most people will spend anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 in acquiring their private ticket, taking the course over a period of six months or longer.  However, this extra monetary and time expenditure is well worthwhile; Maui Aviators takes pride in the safety and competency record of its graduates.  Furthermore, our pay-as-you-go payment system means you won't have to make a cash investment in your pilot's license all at once.  You simply pay after each individual lesson.

Private pilot privileges:

A private pilot can fly passengers into most airports in safe weather conditions, day or night.  Also, he/she may share flight expenses with the passengers.