Renters who wish to use an aircraft without an instructor must complete a checkout.  The checkout includes a comprehensive brief of the local airport and airspace, and VFR procedures, followed by a brief local flight with an instructor to familiarize the renter with the area and review the specific aircraft's performance and handling characteristics.  The renting pilot must present a current Medical, Pilot's License, and proof of current Flight Review.

It is recommended that renters purchase a current VFR sectional chart.

The checkout costs $85 per hour with an instructor, plus the actual time on the Hobbs meter at the normal hourly rate.


Rental Agreement

Save time and fill out our rental agreement before you come to Hawaii.


  1. Type in your flight times and pilot information in the Renter Section

  2. Print 

  3. Read and Initial Items 1 to 6 on page 1

  4. Read and Initial items 1 to 17 on page 2

  5. Sign and date

  6. Bring with you to your check out and get in the air Faster!


No need to bring your logbook when you fill out flight times at home!

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Fillable PDF

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