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Maui Aviators, LLC is conveniently located at Kahului Airport, a bustling Class-C Airspace facility in the heart of Maui County.  We share the runway with Boeing 777s, 767s, 757s, 717s, and many other large aircraft as well as general aviation, helicopter, and private business aircraft.  If you get lost, call us at 871-6990 for directions.



Our gps location 

20-53-55.09 N

156-25-34.33 W

(Not A Mailing Adress)

East Ramp Kahului Airport

Building 411 Hanger 109

Kahului HI, 96732

We're easy to find, just aim for the  Kahului control tower.  We're just North of it, at the end of the road.  Parking is on the right and the gate is on the left.

This is the gate that you will have to pass through to get to our hangar, which is visible in the background.  Stand in front of the gate and do your best wild goose impersonation to get our attention. (due to security we have to let you in and out of gate)  Yes, that is the Kahului Control Tower in the background.

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